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About GECC

GECC building services design and consultancy agency was established in March 1999.

The company is started by Gery Einberg. He obtained his (Ph.D.) doctoral degree at KTH, the biggest technical university in Sweden.

During his studies, he has worked in many private companies (Olof Granlund OY) and Universities (KTH, TUT).

The theoretical and practical work experience makes it possible to fulfill the most demanding needs in building services design.

The GECC building services design and consultancy agency is an independent consulting company providing a wide range of services.

The services are Heating, ventilation, water supply, sewage design with MagiCad, special calculations as energy consumption in buildings with Riuska (DOE 2 Engine), IAQ modeling, LCA, LCC, FemLab calculations (multiphysics -heat transfer and so on) and many other.

The company is employing currently 10 technical specialists.

If you are willing to collaborate we have extensive knowledge in the Finnish and Swedish consultation market.

Quantity is something you can count, but the quality is something you can count on. Think about this when ordering consulting services.

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